DPM Teo Chee Hean at the 2015 UOB Painting of the Year Award Ceremony and Exhibition.

SM Teo Chee Hean | 4 November 2015

Speech by DPM Teo Chee Hean at the 2015 UOB Painting of the Year Award Ceremony and Exhibition on 4 November 2015.


Mr Hsieh Fu Hua
United Overseas Bank

Mr Wee Ee Cheong
Deputy Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer,
United Overseas Bank 

Distinguished guests
Ladies and gentlemen

Good evening. This year’s 2015 UOB Painting of the Year awards ceremony and exhibition is significant, as UOB celebrates its 80th anniversary along with SG50 this year.

Singapore - promoting regional arts

Art inspires creativity, connects people and communicates ideas. It adds colour to our lives, and shapes our culture and identity as a people.

Located at the heart of Southeast Asia, Singapore is well-positioned to celebrate and promote the richness of the region’s diverse arts and culture. 

Over the years, the public and private sectors have been working together in this effort. We have also seen strong support from like-minded individuals who support the cause.

UOB has made a positive difference to the development of art in Singapore and the region.

The annual UOB Painting of the Year competition, now into its 34th year, has become an important event in the region’s art calendar. In more recent years, it has also provided an avenue for artists from Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia1 to be recognised and to showcase their artworks to a wider audience.

The Bank’s long-standing commitment to this competition has helped to nurture emerging artists, and encourage established artists to reach greater heights. 

As a good corporate citizen, UOB has been raising awareness and appreciation of Southeast Asian art and artists for the past four decades. The UOB Southeast Asia Gallery which will open at the end of this month will take this, one step further. This new Gallery will be home to the world’s largest collection of modern Southeast Asian art. 


I am heartened to see UOB’s efforts in promoting art in Singapore and the region. Indeed, many Singapore companies are going beyond their corporate mandates, to give back to the community, for the benefit of our society. With the Government, businesses and individuals working together, we can continue to make Singapore a better home for all of us, as we progress towards SG100.

I congratulate all the winners of this year’s UOB Painting of the Year competition. And I wish all participants continued success in your artistic endeavours. 

Thank you.

* * * * *

[1] UOB started the UOB Painting of the Year competition in Thailand in 2010 and in Malaysia and Indonesia in 2011.