Guidelines on wearing of insignia

Guidelines on wearing of insignia

National Day Awards are a means of recognising various forms of merit and service to the nation. Recipients of National Day Awards are encouraged to wear the insignia at national and important functions, such as the National Day Parade, National Day Reception at the Istana, National Day Rally, National Day Award Investiture Ceremony, Prime Minister's Reception for Private Sector Establishments, Prime Minister's Chinese New Year Garden Party, and the annual People's Association Awards ceremony.

The guidelines outlined here is for the wearing of insignia on civilian clothing.


Medals should be worn to show the obverse in the front. They are to be positioned centrally on the left side of the outer garment with the lowest edge or point just above the pocket opening. If more than one medal is worn, they are shown full-faced and suspended side by side in precedence order with the highest award placed first from the right of the wearer. If more than 4 medals are worn, the highest award is shown full-faced while the others are overlapped. A Bar to any medal should be attached to the ribbon by which the medal is suspended.

Collar Pins

Recipients of an award may wear the collar pins at any time, but not when other insignia are worn. Collar Pins are normally worn by men on the left collar and by ladies on the right collar. Where someone holds more than one award, the collar pin of the most senior award should be worn.


The specially designed neckties with the crescent moon and five stars motif could be worn on any occasion.


The specially designed scarves with the orchid motif could be worn on any occasion.