DPM Heng Swee Keat on the Announcement of the SG-Apple Collaboration on LumiHealth

DPM Heng Swee Keat | 16 September 2020

Remarks by Deputy Prime Minister, Coordinating Minister for Economic Policies and Minister for Finance Heng Swee Keat on the Announcement of the SG-Apple Collaboration on LumiHealth on 16 September 2020. 

Around the world, countries are grappling with COVID-19. Digital technology is playing a key role in safeguarding our people. The use of the TraceTogether app in Singapore to support contact tracing is one example.

During this pandemic, we are also seeing a renewed focus on personal health and well-being. Digital solutions will increasingly shape the future of our health and healthcare. In particular, wearables are now much more pervasive, and have the potential to revolutionise how we approach individual well-being.

I am glad that our Health Promotion Board has partnered Apple to develop a programme to encourage healthier living. This endeavour started two years ago, when Singapore invited companies from around the world to collaborate on ways to improve the health of our people.

This led to our collaboration with Apple to develop the LumiHealth app. This partnership brings together our experience in developing public health programmes and Apple’s innovative use of technology. Users of Apple Watch can download this app and receive personalised health reminders. They can also earn incentives for taking small, everyday steps to stay healthy.

As we saw with Singapore’s National Steps Challenge, the use of wearables and behavioural nudges can encourage people to be more active in their lifestyle. LumiHealth will take this to the next level. What we learn from this collaboration can potentially be applied to other wearables locally, and in communities around the world.

In addition, participants can choose to share their data from the use of LumiHealth. We hope to form a rich anonymised dataset to better inform and shape public health efforts, locally and beyond our shores.

Collaborations such as LumiHealth also takes us one step closer towards achieving our vision to be a Smart Nation – one where we use digital technology to improve the lives of our people, and potentially people around the world.