Tribute speech for Mr Tan Chuan-Jin on his re-election as the Speaker of the 14th Parliament

PMO Ministers | 24 August 2020

Tribute speech for Mr Tan Chuan-Jin on his re-election as the Speaker of the 14th Parliament by Minister Indranee Rajah, Leader of the House of the 14th Parliament, on 24 August 2020.



Mr Speaker, Sir, on behalf of the House, may I extend our warmest congratulations to you on your re-election as the Speaker of the Fourteenth Parliament.

In your last three years as Speaker, you gained the respect of Members of this House with your fairness and impartiality. Your firmness in discharging your duties has also enabled smooth and orderly proceedings in this House. I have every confidence trust that the good standing of this House will continue to be maintained under your Speakership.

Sir, you will be Speaker of Parliament that is sitting in extraordinary times and has its work cut out for it. While our COVID-19 situation is under control, the need for vigilance remains to prevent recurring waves of infections as we have seen in other countries – indeed the fact that tonight’s sitting is in 2 locations is a testament to this. As we redouble our efforts to see Singapore through this crisis, we must also not lose sight of our longer-term goal of building a better Singapore – an economy that serves as a global-Asia node and continues to create good jobs; a liveable city equipped to adapt to the effects of climate change; and a caring and inclusive society where every Singaporean can achieve their full potential, regardless of starting point.

As we deal with our internal challenges, we must also continue to secure Singapore’s position as a trusted and valued partner in the region and the world, amidst an increasingly uncertain global environment.

Sir, the issues that this House will consider over the next five years will be increasingly complex, with no textbook answers or model solutions. We will have to find our way, create solutions suited to our unique context while holding fast to the values that define us as Singaporeans. We welcome sincere and rigorous debate from Members on both sides of the House – be it new ideas and policy proposals, or the difficult decisions to be taken and trade-offs to be made.

In this Parliament, we have for the first time an officially designated Leader of the Opposition. May I take this opportunity to formally congratulate Mr Pritam Singh. I look forward to working with him in this new term of Parliament.

Sir, Parliament is more than a place where laws are made. It is a place where the aspirations of a nation are articulated and made real.

This must be a House with a heart that cares, a voice of reason and a place of courage to do what is right, all conducted with dignity and decorum. Over this Mr. Speaker, you will preside.

Once again, my heartiest congratulations.