DPM Teo Chee Hean at Opening Ceremony of SG50 International Jamboree

SM Teo Chee Hean | 18 November 2015

Speech by DPM Teo Chee Hean at Opening Ceremony of SG50 International Jamboree on 18 November 2015.


Mr Tan Tee How
President, Scout Council,

Mr Tan Cheng Kiong
Chief Commissioner,

Mr Desmond Chong
Camp Chief,

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Jamboree participants

A very good morning to all of you, as we gather at Sarimbun Scout Camp for the Opening Ceremony of the SG50 International Jamboree.

The Scout Movement has been active in Singapore for the last 105 years, making it one of the oldest youth movements in Singapore. The Singapore Scout Association is also linked to other National Scout Organisations internationally through the World Organisation of the Scout Movement which has more than 40 million members in 218 countries and territories.

Today, we welcome some 1,045 foreign scouts from 17 National Scout Organisations from the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. They are participating in this jamboree, together with 1,420 local participants comprising scouts and members of other Uniformed Groups in Singapore.

We are happy that our friends from overseas have come to join us at this up-sized SG50 jamboree. This is a meaningful contribution from the Scouts as Singapore marks the 50th anniversary of our independence this year. Thank you for coming to “Celebrate Singapore!”,1 which is the theme of the jamboree.  

Giving back to the community

Scouting encourages the holistic development of youth with a strong emphasis on duty to country, and helping other people. As youth leaders, all of you can contribute to the community in different ways. The “Scouting in Community” component of this jamboree provides an excellent platform for participants to give back to the community.

I understand that you will be grouped in teams comprising members from different countries and cultural backgrounds to perform good deeds in our neighbourhoods. Even better, other Scouts from Singapore who are not participating in this Jamboree will also join in this meaningful activity. Together, you will put the Scouting values into action, by visiting homes, charitable organisations and public places to do good deeds.

For example, participants will work with organisations such as the Singapore Kindness Movement, NTUC Fairprice, the National Environment Agency, and the Public Hygiene Council to promote societal graciousness and environmental sustainability. Participants will help raise public awareness about the importance of public hygiene and environmental sustainability through the “Keep Singapore Clean” campaign. We must all play our part to respect and conserve the environment, to protect this common heritage for all mankind.

As part of this jamboree, four Cultural Night performances will be simultaneously staged in different parts of Singapore. Through these performances, you will interact with the community, and in particular, some of our less fortunate residents, in a night of song and dance. I am sure that both the performers and the audience will enjoy the cultural exchange. Such interactions will also help to build friendship and promote cross-cultural harmony across countries.

I am glad to know that these community outreach efforts will continue, even after the Jamboree. Through your commitment pledges, you will lead key projects in your schools by applying the knowledge and skills that you have acquired during the jamboree. This will help to multiply the learning and promote further community action among your peers.

For our Singapore Scouts, I hope this SG50 jamboree will also provide opportunities for you to reflect on and celebrate our journey together as a nation and a people. Through these activities, you can better appreciate what makes us Singaporean. More importantly, I hope you will think about what you will do to make our dreams come true, for yourself, and for Singapore.

I wish all participants a fruitful and memorable jamboree. May you form strong and lasting friendships among your fellow Scouts, and live by the universal Scouting motto to “Be Prepared”, as you contribute to your country and your community. Working together, we can build a better future for ourselves, our countries, and the world. Thank you.


[1] There are five subthemes: Celebrating our Journey, Celebrating our Home, Celebrating Friendship, Celebrating our Adventures and Celebrating our Dreams

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