The Public Administration Medal (Bronze) (Pingat Pentadbiran Awam) (Gangsa)


The Public Administration Medal was instituted in 1963.
There are 3 grades of the Medal, namely, gold, silver and bronze.
The Medal may be awarded to any of the following persons for outstanding efficiency, competence and industry:
    a. any person who is or has been a public officer;
    b. any person who is or has been an officer employed by any statutory authority (other than a Town Council);
    c. any person who is or has been in the service of any organisation, association or body rendering services in the field of education; 
    d. any person who is or has been employed in any company which is wholly-owned by the Government and which is carrying on business mainly as an agent or instrumentality of the Government;
    e. any person who is or has been employed as a member of the personal staff of the President.
The Medal consists of 4 integrated and perforated pentagons having, on the obverse side, a four-pointed star upon which is a shield bearing a crescent and 5 stars. Below the shield is a scroll bearing the inscription "PINGAT PENTADBIRAN AWAM". The reverse side of the Medal bears the State Arms.
The Medal is to be worn on the left side of the outer garment suspended by a ribbon. The ribbon consists of a red centre band flanked immediately on each side by a white stripe, followed by a grey stripe with a thin red stripe in the centre, then a white band, a thin grey stripe, a thin red stripe and finally, a grey band, in that order.