The Star of Temasek (Bintang Temasek)


The Star of Temasek was instituted in 1970.
The Badge of the Star of Temasek may be awarded to any member of the Singapore Armed Forces, the Singapore Police Force or the Singapore Civil Defence Force who has performed acts of exceptional courage and skill or exhibited conspicuous devotion to duty in circumstances of extreme danger.
The Badge may be awarded posthumously. The Badge is of silver-gilt. The obverse side of the badge consists of a configured Maltese cross with 4 equal limbs superimposed upon a laurel wreath in green enamel which in turn is superimposed upon 2 crossed swords. The centre of the cross bears a laurel wreath in green enamel encircling a five-pointed star embossed on white enamel. Beneath the laurel wreath is a scroll bearing the inscription "BINTANG TEMASEK". The reverse side of the Badge bears the State Arms.
The Badge is to be worn on the left side of the outer garment suspended from a ribbon. The ribbon is purple in the centre of which is a white band flanked by a narrow white stripe on each side. In the centre of the white band is a red stripe.